Shrink Wrapping Style
Shrink wrapping
Shrink wrapping or shrink bundling is a packaging type in which products are collated in a pre-defined matrix; a shrink film is wrapped around the product and passed through a tunnel where it shrinks & holds the product together. If the product is heavy, breakable, unstable or has to be stacked, it can be shrink wrapped with a pad or a tray. Invospeed is a continuous motion shrink wrapper capable of doing up to 100 cycles per minute. It is capable of shrink wrapping products of multiple formats like Film only, Pad + Film, Tray + Film. It is ideal for bottles, cans, tetrapacks, cartons, etc.

Continuous motion single roll shrink wrapper
Upto 100 cycles/min, servo technology
Available in film only, pad+film or tray+film configuration
Low maintenance costs
No changeover parts needed